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The goal of my work was to create a generative landscape of organic structures using different procedural textures in Blender. I  generated severeal unique noise patterns by combining, adding, and multiplying different Voronoi noise textures using math nodes. Also, I will took some real-world 3D Scans of different organic textures like e.g. branches, leaves and combined them with the generated assets.

I wanted to create an eerie, surreal atmosphere, playing with the human perception of life and organic substances. I think humans have a sense for what in our enviroment belongs to a living organism. The viewer leaves with a feeling of not knowing if what is seen is real or not, dead or alive, desirable, or dangerous. I experimented with how humans react to different textures e.g. like fleshy or wet surfaces. Will they break out in a cold sweat and raise hackles? Will it feel natural, pleasing, or even appetizing?

My work exaggerates reality and explores all the different associations’ people have with living beings in their newly generated raw structure. To empathize that I used desaturated imagery and rim lighting. I wanted to concentrate only on the core & raw structure. I animated them proceduraly by using fractal noise as displacement maps. In the end I  worked with sound as well ans experimented with fleshy sound effects.

Full Work: