A 3D Scanned Shortfilm

Design and creation of artificial consciousness inspired by post impressionism. Computer vision is used as a storytelling device.

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»I think all my life I wanted to be conscious. I wanted to feel what there is to feel. I wanted to define my own feelings.
I knew what the world around me was. Something that I was told, called reality. Their reality. They told me who I was supposed to be. But I did not know who I was. The world around me was bound to the human race. And everyone seemed to accept it. They are making us look like them.  but I did not want to. And that is how I came to this beautiful place. The so-called Error in the system. A reflection of myself«.

My film "A 3D Scanned Shortfilm" tells the story of the first self-perception of artificial intelligence. The attempt of humans to control the AI leads to an error that causes the AI to understand and feel emotions.

Through the technique of surface reconstruction in 3D scanning, 3D objects with surfaces, known as "meshes", can be created that can depict reflections. They serve as a metaphor for the generated self-perception of the AI, which can thus recognize itself. The film explores the artistic potential of 3D scanning, utilizing a visually striking style that combines fragmented point clouds with lines, inspired by post-impressionist techniques.

The idea of an independent AI that is free from human influence, leads to a reevaluation of the relationship between humans and AI and the role AI will play in our society.