MELVEC - Popol Vuh

This project is located in the field of industrial and product design a business segment in cultural industries. The product developed is a song. The intention was to design a highly competitive item, a best seller, a ‘one-hit-wonder’. My colleagues & me created a band called „MELVEC“.​​​​​​​

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The band identifies with a ficticious, post-modern tribe living in a forest far away from civilization. Music is signifys the energy of the tribe and makes it appear. The song is called „Popol Vuh“, inspired by an ancient text by Maya people about the creation of living beings. The MELVEC tribe comes to life as soon as they hear music.

We also created a logo, a music video, costumes, posters, and a social media campaign. The final presentation was at a venue in Cologne, Germany in the form of a release party.

Made in collaboration with Elena Lohmann, Edoado Pirroddi, Mariam Mikadze, Christian Wild von Hohenborn, Leandra Henke, Mohit Malhotra & Liv Jahns. 

Nov. 2018 - Jan. 2019,